Monday, July 18, 2016

Week 10 - 7/18/16

Heyyyyyy everyone! Soooooo really really good week. 
Monday was pday. Super fun. We went to Jupiter haha the owner of our house has a little piece of land that has part of the river in it and it’s really a pretty place. Oh and he also speaks really good English. He is one of my best friends, I love him. I titled this Jurassic Park because that is what Panama looks like. 

Tuesday we had a district meeting then lunch. Then we had a lesson with a less active about Santa Cena (the Sacrament) and the blessings promised. Then we did another less active lesson with Diojenes who makes the best juice ever. We taught about fasting. Then a noche de hogar (FHE) with familia Linares, who also went to church last Sunday and I gave him a pair of my pants because he doesn’t own any. They are less active but they are great people. 

Wednesday we had interviews with the new president. He is a really good guy and really strong. Then we read from the Book of Mormon with familia Linares. After that we did splits and the elder I was with had a bum ankle so I had to stay in the house for two days.

Friday we tried to meet with some contacts but they didn’t want to. Then we found someone and gave them the first lesson. Everyday I speak more and more in the lessons. The first lesson is the restoration. We tried to hit up more contacts but they weren’t there. We went to see how a less active was doing and she needed help moving a bunch of stuff so we did that for her. This is my favorite part. So for noche de hogar con Fam Montenegro we did the ten commandments signs with our hands, I don’t know if you know them, but yeah. The little girls are soooooooo cute. I love them. I gave them CTR rings and they were so happy and so was the mom. I told the mom I wasn’t feeling well so she made me really good tea from leaves in here back yard and gave me medicine. 

Saturday we went out to this house that’s pretty far for a member’s house to go home teaching and he didn’t even have a lesson planned lol so I gave a lesson about how when we listen to the spirit we are actually communicating with angels and that we have that ability. I also taught about the importance of the spirit. Then we went to a baptism that the hermanas had in our zone which was really cool. They also have another one this weekend. Then met with diojenes again and finished with a really good dinner. 

Sunday made me soooooo sooo sooo happy. Familia Montenegro with the cute girls are in active but they came to church. Which is supppppper hard for them. I started crying because I was sooooo happy. Then we found some really good people. This guy says he knows that Joseph Smith is a profeta, that the Book of Mormon is true, and that the same church that Christ established is here on earth today. We call him the dry Mormon because he isn’t baptized yet but knows the church is true. 
I love this work. It is the best thing I could be doing right now. I love these people. The church is true and Christ lives. I love all of you. 

Elder McCoy

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