Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Week 8 - 7/4/16

Hey everyone.
Monday: P-day I didn’t do much but write and then made some food at this lady’s house. I had to grate carrots about 5000 of them lol not really. Than had a fun family home evening with familia Linares (in actives). 
Tuesday: We had district meeting and we played soda pong haha. Did some street contacts and tried to visit some investigators but they all fell. That’s happened a lot. 
Wednesday: We met with familia Linares again. We work a lot with in actives. then another in active familia Martinez who actually came to church this Sunday. Tried for our investigators again but they fell. Then did some contacts and had dinner
Thursday: We have a tradition to go to this restaurant every Thursday called Taurus, it’s pretty good. We tried to meet up with some of our contacts but they all fall. Do you see the pattern? Then we had a family home evening planned but the mom didn’t want to show up, it’s happened like twice. Then dinner with familia Arrocha Munoz.
Friday: We met our new mission president. He’s a really good guy, really powerful. Met with some in actives and once again tried to visit new investigators that all say they wanted to visit but then rejected us. 
Saturday: Met with an in active who’s cousin we met. We tried to visit the cousin with Daniel but they weren’t home. So we just taught Daniel. Then we had lunch and finally a new investigator actually wanted to meet with us like he said. We gave him the first part of the restoration. 
Sunday Had church and had familia Martinez come and it was a really good testimony meeting. I fasted all day and then our dinner cancelled on us so I pretty much starved lol. Yeah that was my week pretty normal nothing to special. Well I don’t remember what day but we met a lady who’s family member just died and I got to testify through personal experience that we could live with our families forever. Pretty cool experience. But yeah love you all. 

Elder McCoy

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