Monday, June 27, 2016

Week 7 - 6/27/16

Well pretty crazy week.
Tuesday was sooooooo long. I had about 6 hours of plane rides then got to a hotel and slept. 
Wednesday: Met the mission president and a bunch of other elders then had a 7-hour bus ride to Conception, my area, and met my comp who is Elder Lau. Of course he is a poly. Just unpacked that day.

Thursday: Visited a family. The mom’s name is Tita. We had lunch. She’s not a member but her sons are. Met with a bunch of people who’s names I can’t remember. We met with a family that’s members that tricked me into eating this sour fruit lol. Then we had dinner with a less active family. 

Friday: Met with members. I actually talked in some lessons even though I can barely understand them. We also did some contacts. Met with a guy named Ricardo, really cool guy. He said the lizards in his house are his sons lol. 

Saturday: Met with The Montenegro family. Really, really great family. Then we walked about 500000 miles to our next house and had lunch, it was pretty good. Then we tried to meet with some new investigator but they didn’t want to. Then we met with another investigator and he said he prayed and he said that he knows Joseph Smith was a prophet. Pretty cool. Then we gave him a little lesson about faith. Then met with another less active family for dinner. They all fed us food, it was great. 

Sunday: I did not understand anything during church. Oh and I almost had to give a talk, super scary, but the other elder in our zone saved me. We tried to contact an investigator but they weren’t there. Then we had lunch with Familia Valdes and contacted some people. We had plans but they all fell. Then we went and picked up our dinner and ate at the house. That’s pretty much it. It’s been really fun and hot and I’ve lost some weight already. Anyways yeah. Nos vemos.

Elder McCoy

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